"I highly recommend Sonia and her services"

"Sonia is amazing! She put me at ease with her calm demeanor. Before treatment, she took the time to evaluate my needs and ask questions to gain an understanding of what my body is doing and not doing. She is personable and her "bedside manner" is professional and kind. The treatment itself was a great experience. Her approach is extremely gentle. I especially appreciate Sonia's honesty and wanting to find the best combination of treatment for me and my issue - no pressure. I highly recommend Sonia and her services."

- Jeannette G

"I have already felt results!"

"I received two acupuncture treatments and have already felt results! My lower back pain has diminished and I left each session feeling more alert and centered. I appreciated the thorough in- take and attention to detail. Looking forward to more treatments!" 

- K. E.

"I leave each session relaxed and in a good mood"

"Sonia creates a comfortable environment that makes me feel at ease by listening to my concerns and figuring out my ailments. I trust her knowledge and practice of acupuncture and leave each session relaxed and in a good mood."

- S. K.

"After the treatment, my symptoms improved greatly."

"I scheduled an appointment with Sonia because I knew my early fall allergies were beginning to become aggravated.  Acupuncture and herbs had always been a very effective way to treat them.  I had had conversations with Sonia before and realized we have similar philosophies and outlooks when it comes to health, wellness, and natural medicine.

The session was wonderful!  Sonia has very swift and gentle needling technique.  I had expected a few of the points to sting, but none of them did.  Sonia has a very down-to-earth demeanor and explains things very plainly; she lets you know exactly what she is doing and what to expect.  After the treatment my allergy symptoms improved greatly, and I was able to wear my contact lenses again.  I will be seeing Sonia again to implement regular acupuncture as part of my health care regimen."

- L. 

"My head has felt wonderful for two months now."

"I went to see Sonia specifically to treat my migraines. Because I read on her blog that she had migraines in the past, it meant a lot to me to have her work with me on dealing with mine. Once meeting her,  I could really feel that she has deep empathy for someone going through this. 

Sonia was so caring in her checking with me before each session. She took time to really listen to what was going noting the details of how often or how long they lasted and the severity of each one. I enjoyed how we worked together to find a solution. Sonia kept trying different ways to treat them since we are all different, it is important to check our options.

I am happy to say that my head has felt absolutely WONDERFUL for two months now! That is a big deal for someone who suffered from weekly migraines for many, many years! I have deep gratitude for Sonia and her diligence to finding a solution for me. "

- Elda Dorothy

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