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Are you facing an obstacle or decision that's keeping you up at night? Tarot is a remarkable reflective tool to help you get out of stuck thought patterns and look at situations in a fresh new way. Tarot does not tell you your future. What it does do is help you see the present more clearly, revealing new solutions to old problems. I personally have been studying and practicing Tarot for over 20 years and use it daily as part of my own spiritual practice. ​​

I provide Tarot readings via email. Responses usually take 1-2 weeks.​

Cost for a reading is $50. Email me to get started.

"Sonia has set the standard for tarot readings. Her thoughtful interpretation of the cards and 'real life' application are grounding and insightful; each reading feels personal, purposeful. I have turned to her and the cards for clarity during good times and bad, and I've left each reading with a deeper understanding and perspective." - Kayla Erbach

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