Hi! I'm Sonia

I help women* live happily within their bodies by providing total support around all issues regarding reproduction: from menstruation to infertility to menopause. Acupuncture and herbal medicine can provide balance and relief - even if you might have been told by others that your symptoms are "just a normal part of being a woman." According to Chinese Medicine, discomfort and disease are one and the same, and there are always solutions to be offered. Let's work together to find a plan for you.

I'm On a Mission To:​

  • Help busy women like you get unstuck, get out of survival-mode, and reclaim their well-being so they can do more good in their own lives, the lives of their children, and the world as a whole

  • Provide personalized solutions when you're ready to get proactive about your own health, especially in cases where conventional medicine can only offer a "wait-and-see" approach


  • Blow up the myth that women must neglect their own needs to serve others. Only when we are our strongest, happiest, most creative selves can we truly be there for the ones we love.

Care Where You're Comfortable


  • being greeted - at my home clinic, at The Future, or "virtual office" - by someone who knows your name and health concerns without needing to look at your chart

  • receiving care from someone who will take the time to consider your unique situation before creating a treatment plan, who you can call or text whenever you have a question

  • sitting down to discuss your health history on a comfy couch or in an inspiring art space, instead of on an exam table

  • no waiting room, no white coats, no judgment of any kind

Why do I choose to see most of my clients at my home, or virtually? From a practical standpoint, it allows me to provide more personalized care at a substantially lower cost. This in turn fulfills my mission to help women who can truly benefit from acupuncture and herbs, not just those who can afford the luxury price-tag of most private clinics and spas. On a more spiritual note, I am part of a long line of healing women who have worked out of their own homes or met their patients wherever they were needed. My home is a reflection of me, and I believe that being here, where much of my medicine is grown and made, is yet another aspect of how I can bring healing. It is (intentionally!) nothing like a doctor's office.

*all femme-identified individuals and individuals assigned female at birth.

​© 2019 by Sonia Even LAC

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