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The Goal? More Magic, Every Day

I love to create resources for those who I describe as "witchy folks" (my people!) - spiritual rebels who seek a path to the divine but are turned off by organized religion, who crave ritual, myth, and magic in a mundane world, and who believe nature is our highest teacher.

Over many years of seeking, reading, listening, and absorbing, I developed my own spiritual practice, which has enriched my life in untold ways. My desire is to help make the path to finding your unique witchy practice more accessible, not to "teach" but to offer delightful suggestions for how you can bring more magic into all aspects of your life: your healing, your parenting, and your work.

How courses work

Courses are self-led, although I am always available via email to answer any questions you may have! Content is sent out in daily emails over the length of the course, which may contain any of the following goodies (see descriptions for specifics):

  • Video lessons

  • Written lessons

  • Homework assignments, such as journaling prompts, suggested activities, or suggested reading

  • Printable workbooks and PDFs

  • Links to music playlists



MeWitched 7-Day Self-Care Challenge

Start creating a meaningful self-care routine by focusing on seven key areas, viewed through the lens of the seven planetary archetypes. You'll be challenged to fill your planner with inspiring activities, jumpstarting you down the path to creating a magical life that you love, every day. 


Here's what you can expect (for free!):

  • Receive seven email lessons (+1 bonus!) delivered over the course of one week, with journaling prompts, suggested activities, and extra-credit resources for overachievers

  • Learn about the 7 Planetary Archetypes - spiritual forces that have been a part of countless wisdom traditions for thousands of years - and what they have to teach us today 

  • Walk away with a planner full of nourishing activities to look forward to, "me-time" moments that will challenge you to rethink your priorities

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