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Saturday, 1/25/20 | 7:00 - 9:00PM | PRICE TBA

“Self-care” is more than a buzzword. It’s way more than treating yourself to the occasional bath or slice of chocolate cake. It’s about making conscious choices to build a connected, vital, magical life that you can call your own, doing the things that make you feel good on a daily basis: good-alive, good-grateful, good-awake. 

Join us (on the eve of the Lunar New Year!) as we make a commitment to treating ourselves better in 2020, taking care of ourselves so we can keep giving back. We’ll be gathering in a group for guided breathwork, conversation, and a sampling of products and services to inspire and uplift us, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, including: 

You’ll walk away with a Treat Bag of treasures from our contributing practitioners, and that healthy buzz you only get from new experiences and good conversation with awesome folx you haven’t met yet. 

Saturday, 2/9/20 | 7:00 - 9:00PM | PRICE TBA

Witches are today’s spiritual rebels, people of all genders who are reclaiming the sacred on their own terms and forging their own one-of-a-kind paths to the divine. Imagine creating a fulfilling spiritual practice, with no rules but the ones you create for yourself, where the wisdom of nature is the only authority, your highest teacher. 

At this hands-on workshop, you’ll peer into the world of a green witch, a world where the every-day is infused with purpose and magic, and nature is an open door to Spirit. You’ll uncover the essential pillars on which to begin building a daily spiritual practice of your own design - pillars that will help you deepen your connection to nature, to your divine purpose, and your higher self. 

We will also walk through a simple manifestation ritual you can use again and again in your own practice - in this case to help you take a bold step into a more spiritually-empowered life. You’ll walk away with journaling prompts and resources to help you continue crafting your own green witch practice, one aligned with your personal beliefs and goals, suffused with a power and beauty as unique as you. Bring your own journal!

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