Acupuncture + Herbs to help you thrive

As a woman, your own health and happiness are the greatest gifts you can give to those who rely on you, every day.

I provide herbs, acupuncture, and tarot coaching to busy women - especially moms​ and mothers-to-be - to help them get unstuck and rediscover wellbeing. My own journey - first as a daughter and now as a mother myself - has taught me how crucial it is to make sure your own cup is full before you give to others. I'm here to tell you: self-care is not selfish!

Finding true health doesn't have to be hard, inconvenient, or expensive. Seeing patients virtually in my home office (conveniently located in South Minneapolis), and now at the The Future Spa and Art Space, allows me to provide affordable, whole-self care in a welcoming, non-clinical setting. My goal is to help you go from surviving to thriving, so you can keep giving back. 


I provide acupuncture treatments in my comfortable home-based clinic (by referral only) and at The Future - an art, clinic, and retail space in South Minneapolis. Seeing only a small number of clients allows us to form a real relationship, so I can provide you with attentive, whole-self treatment. I specialize in women's health and obstetrics, as well as mental health and migraine treatment. I use a very gentle needling technique and as few needles as possible to get results.

What's your health goal? There's an herb for that! I offer online herbal consultations for busy people who struggle to find the time for regular office visits but still want herbs to help them get - or stay - healthy. I am a formally-trained herbalist with extensive knowledge of both Chinese herbal medicine and "Western" herbs. My main concern is ease-of-use and I never recommend herbs that are overly cost-prohibitive or difficult to prepare.

Are you facing an obstacle or decision that's keeping you up at night? Tarot is a remarkable reflective tool to help you get out of stuck thought patterns and look at situations in a fresh new way. I am a self-taught tarologist and have been practicing tarot since 2002. I finally decided to make it part of my practice after seeing so many friends benefit from my readings. While it (probably!) won't tell you your future, tarot helps you to see new possibilities in old problems, and break out of patterns that keep you stuck.

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